Reliance Rail

The Project

Reliance Rail has financed, designed, manufactured and is maintaining 626 Waratah carriages - consisting of 78, eight-car sets and two spare carriages - as part of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) with Sydney Trains.

Detailed design of the Waratah trains was completed in 2009 and delivery of the Waratah trains commenced in July 2011 and was completed in May 2014..

Reliance Rail is required to make 72 trains available to Sydney Trains for timetabled services each day until the end of the 30-year contract term.

The scope of this PPP project is broader than the delivery of the 626 carriages – the largest rolling stock order ever ordered by an Australian rail operator. It includes a contract to maintain the fleet, as well the associated design, construction and maintenance of a technologically advanced maintenance centre, and the provision of simulators for crew training. These were completed and have been operating since 2010.

The PPP contract term for fleet maintenance continues for 30 years after the delivery of the tenth-last train - until early 2044 and may at Sydney Trains’ option, be extended for two additional periods each of five years.

For more information about the PPP Project, download the Summary of Contracts here.